Antenna Considerations

Antenna Rent Comparables

The Rent Index is critical.

Fair rents depend primarily on the knowledge of property owners.



 Does your Property Insurance Cover Your Antenna Site??

Cell sites can create an insurance challenge. Do you have waivers?

Antennas attract lightning – covered ?  RF injury?  Read more…

Cell Antenna Lease Buyouts in Canada

Fair value?   Liabilities?  Property control?  Taxes?

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Health Concerns About Cellular Antennas

Response of  Vancouver Coastal Health’s Chief Medical Health Officer.

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USA Lease Buyers

USA players have moved into the Canadian market.

Lease purchase agreements can be complicated.

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Canadian Cell Expansion

Cell sites can be safe, visually appealing, and profitable.

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Negotiating Cell Site Contracts

Have you been approached ?  Do you know what you are signing?

Understand the benefits and liabilities?

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Terminating a Cellular Site Lease

When is the best time to terminate a lease?

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Cell Leases – Do’s and Don’ts for Non-Profits

How to proceed if you are a non-profit.

View some helpful hints…



Safety Code 6

Safety Code 6 – is the property owner liable?

Where are the Safety Code 6 reports for your site?

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Canadian Underwriter Magazine: Cellular Risk

Are insurers concerned about RF injury claims?

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Panel Gallery

View a variety of Antenna Panels.

right here…

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