Bell and Telus Closing Sites – Landlords can lose or get paid.


You may be aware that Bell & Telus are now sharing sites across Canada. In the west, Bell is closing sites and in the east, Telus. The Manitoba-Ontario border is the change line.  Expect MTS sites to close as well.

What does this mean if you have a MTS, Bell or Telus site?

In the west, Bell will be sharing Telus antennas, equipment and sites. Bell is terminating leases often before the end on the lease. Their leases usually allow them to terminate operations on 30 day notice.

As they both have antenna panels with similar capabilities, they can often share equipment especially on their LTE networks using G3 & G4 technologies. Telus is also expanding their 700 MHz networks in Ontario.

If you have a Bell site in the west or a Telus site in the east, your lease income may be at risk.  If you have an MTS site – Telus is interested.
What can you do about it?

Immediately, not much – either than checking that they leave your property in good condition. We suggest providing instructions to make the site attractive to other carriers such as removing cables but capping any conduits and holes for future use. Leaving grounding lines is also a good idea.

If you also have a Telus site in the west or a Bell site in the east – you have another opportunity. Both Bel land Telus will need more licensed antennas to carry the additional loads of combined sites. In the past, they add bigger panels containing additional licensed antennas.

Did you know that each panel can have 1 – 6 licensed antennas? Cell carriers often change cell panels to add or capacity and licensed antennas –

Bell and Telus leases typically define the initial installation including the numbers of panels, RRU’s and Microwave antennas in their Schedules.

Significant changes to the site including panels, licensed antennas, RRUs etc. often require the approval of the landlord.

Contact us for a review of your leases. We often find opportunities for landlords.