License Buyouts? When is the best time?

Antenna License Buyout  Service AMC is pleased to announce that we are now providing an Antenna License Buyout service for property owners. If a cash buyout of your cell antenna license is of interest, let us know. AMC will assist in getting multiple offers. How much can you get for your utility cell antenna license? Read more about License Buyouts? When is the best time?[…]

Fair Rent Comparables

Fair rent comparables depends on what you know. What is your Rent Index? Cell carriers negotiate thousands of licenses every single year. On the other hand, landlords negotiate once every 20. This brings about the question:  are you getting fair rents every year?  It’s simple.  Better knowledge equates better rents.  Sites can earn over $1,000,000 Read more about Fair Rent Comparables[…]

Market Rent Index

Have you noticed more activity on cell sites lately?  Wonder why?  What is the rent Index for your site? How much capacity does a site have?  How much gross?  Most sites gross over $1 million annually – some up to $6+ million.  The market Rent Index uses gross average revenue for all sites across Canada. Read more about Market Rent Index[…]

Concerned About Your Cell Site?

Landlords can be concerned about cell sites.  The time to review is on renewal or new license. As an owner or property manager the option to lease out to several different providers on your rooftop is a viable and strategic revenue generating opportunity. Establishing multiple cell antenna contracts with the different providers: Telus, Rogers(Fido), Bell, Read more about Concerned About Your Cell Site?[…]

Can cell licenses reduce property value?

Can cell license reduce property value?  Cell site contracts may reduce property value by limiting a property owner’s ability to manage, develop, finance or sell their proper assets.  Unlike most other landlord – tenant relationships, a telecom license falls under the Canadian Telecom Act which takes precedence over local and provincial regulations.  This can have Read more about Can cell licenses reduce property value?[…]