Canada Rent Index Map – the Landlord’s Best Negotiation Tool

Looking for comparable cell lease rates in Canada as there is little public information on current cell antenna rates for ROgers, Telus & Bell.  Carriers use confidentiality clauses and legal notices to keep the sharing of this information to a minumum.  This makes it difficut to negotiate renewals and new leases at any time.  Carriers Read more about Canada Rent Index Map – the Landlord’s Best Negotiation Tool[…]

Antenna Considerations

Antenna Rent Comparables The Rent Index is critical. Fair rents depend primarily on the knowledge of property owners.      Does your Property Insurance Cover Your Antenna Site?? Cell sites can create an insurance challenge. Do you have waivers? Antennas attract lightning – covered ?  RF injury?  Read more… Cell Antenna Lease Buyouts in Canada Read more about Antenna Considerations[…]

Panel Gallery

Click on image to view full size. Cellular Panel Gallery – Not Antennas Think of peas in pods. Cell panels (pods) come in a variety of shapes and sizes.   Panels are not antennas but are often referred to that way by carriers.  Panels can contain many antenna transponders (peas) – each transponder is licensed Read more about Panel Gallery[…]

Protect Your Property

Protect your property from cell site operations. AMC provides industry information not generally available to owners, such as risk, compliance, RF exposure, owner liability, Rent Index, location capacity and cell carrier needs.  We review the liabilities of 24×7 access.  We look for opportunities and leverage for the property owner landlord. Without specialized industry knowledge, owners Read more about Protect Your Property[…]