Fiber access to properties and buildings is the foundation for all high speed telecom services including Internet Services, wireless services, 4G, 5G, DAS and WIFI6. Property Owners need to control fiber access to obtain fair future rents for telco operations in and on their properties.

Every Building Has 5G Rent Potential

Across Canada – 5G microsite antennas are being deployed on busy urban streets at only 30 feet in height. For capacity, 5G is 1000x more than 4G and is expected to carry 90% of the data traffic in 5 years. Most 4G sites in Canada with a Rent Index over 500 gross $5 to $10million Read more about Every Building Has 5G Rent Potential[…]

5G and Hauwei – will it change cell rents in Canada?

Great article recently in the Economist on the challenges Telus and Bell face in Canada with all their Huawei equipment. An alternate software system for hardware named “OpenRAN” is described. Perhaps a savior for the Canadian cell industry and property owners with Telus, Bell, Freedom and Videotron sites. How will this affect rents? Give us Read more about 5G and Hauwei – will it change cell rents in Canada?[…]

Are cell antenna utility licenses at risk with 5G?

Internet data is doubling every year. much of this driven by streaming video demand. By 2025 we expect 5G to carry over 90% of all data on the internet. We are now seeing 5G cell antennas being installed on building cell sites.  The transition between 4 G and 5G is being driven by video. For Read more about Are cell antenna utility licenses at risk with 5G?[…]

Rent Index Map for Canada Cell Sites

Antenna Management Corp. is proud to announce a Rent Index map for Canada cell sites.  Owners with cell sites are frequently frustrated by the lack of information for utility  rents paid on cell sites.  Landlords are used to rent comparisons on most other types of properties – office, residential, retail etc. because they are readily Read more about Rent Index Map for Canada Cell Sites[…]