Fiber Access Agreements – Rewards for Landlords and Building Owners

Tenants want choice from Fiber Access Agreements

Fiber access to properties and buildings is the foundation for all high speed telecom services including Internet Services, wireless services, 4G, 5G, DAS and WIFI6. Property Owners need to control fiber  access to obtain fair future rents for telco operations in and on their properties.  For tenants, 5G is not a convenience but a necessity.


  1. 5G deployment estimated at $45Billion across Canada, driven by 4K Video growth
  2. 5G has 1000x capacity of 4G,  100x speed, 90% of wireless by 2025.
  3. 5G range is 100 meters but stopped by windows and walls –  limited 5G indoors.
  4. 5G antennas needed near or on most building
  5. 80% of cell use is indoors – big problem for carriers
  6. Indoors, Carriers need to put antennas using fiber in most rooms.
  7. Carriers desperate to control FIBER access to every building – they need it for 5G.
  8. Fiber Access Agreement –  Exclusive control,  token or little Rent,  in Perpetuity


For the first time building Owners have the opportunity to be fairly compensated by Service Providers for wireless services in their buildings.  Owners control the internal access of fiber and wireless antennas inside and on their properties.  They also control exclusive rights, licenses and privileges relating to their building and property. 

New Rent Potential from Service Providers for:

  1. Fiber Access Agreements
  2. Fiber Internet Services
  3. 4G macro antennas
  4. 4G internal microsites
  5. 5G external microsites
  6. 5G internal
  7. WIFI6
  8. IOT Services

A typical 4G building site can gross from $2 million to $6 million annually for Carriers. 5G will gross more.