May 3, 2020

How to Keep Tenants Happy and Get New Revenue with Fiber WIFI6, 5G and IOT.

New Revenue opportunity

Building owners have been handed an opportunity to upgrade legacy telco systems in their buildings.  We see closed or underused buildings suited to install a WIFI6 fiber backbone now. You can generate new revenues from 5G, WIFI6 and IOT devices. Save now on your property management costs with remote monitoring.

COVID-19 Challenge

Bill Gates in the April 25 2020 Economist estimates the second half of 2021 for  availability of a COVID-19 vaccine.  With this, how can landlords and tenants best plan?

Work From Office or Home

We see that tenants working from home (WFH) enjoy the commute savings,  health, video conferences, flexibility and family time. In the next two years they expect to spend much more time working out of office. As a result, corporate savings are realized and outside work may become increase permanent. These tenants (often millennial) are especially attractive as tenants as they are stable and enjoy top income. Keeping millennials (50%+ of employees) will require landlords to upgrade to a fibre backbone WIFI6 because millennials demand speed, mobility and reliability. Office landlords know they have to address health and safety issues for COVID-19 planning and claims exposure. As a result, they are upgrading building systems to handle tenant density changes with health and safety.

Own the Fiber Backbone

Cloud systems for office and residential management – internet, energy, heat, light, HVAC, fire & smoke, security, elevator, 4k video, etc. need a robust fiber optic WIFI6 backbone.  Owing the backbone creates 5G and WIFI6 revenue and savings in property management for building owners. 

Tenants Need Smart Fiber

During the covid crisis,  tenants need virtual meetings, wireless office, work station, shared-space, reception, storage, and meeting room scheduling.  Seamless tenant transition and secure communications between office, suburban shared workspace and home is a must.  Employers stumbling with legacy systems will have turnover challenges.  Tenants need a smart fiber backbone to survive.

HVAC Safety

Other systems such as HVAC are enhanced with a fiber backbone and WIFI6.  HVAC engineers know pathogens travel in buildings – e.g. Legionnaires disease. Particles float and pop out in somebody else’s office.  Tenants know this.  Becoming infected at work attracts claims exposure and long term shutdowns.   

 “I feel safer apart 2m outside than 4m inside.”

Antenna Management Plans

Antenna Management enhancements planning with property owners that often have cell antennas on their properties.  The shift to 5G and WIFI6 has created landlord ownership of in-building internet access revenue.  Get fast WIFI6 access (1000 Mbs up/ 1000 Mbs down) with enterprise security.  Let tenants move about freely in offices to suit their changing needs.  They do not want to be stuck with fixed plugin stations next to other workers.

Legacy Systems

With legacy systems, employers are aware that internet access is not always secure.  As numerous Internet of Things (IOT) devices are added – speed and security falters.  The average office has 50+ slow WIFI devices.   Most existing legacy wiring will not handle growing demand driven by 4k video alone. 

Getting Started

What is involved in getting fiber backbone WIFI6?

  1. Review existing strategies with owner for future building needs 
  2. Audit current legacy communication wiring
  3. Obtain building floorplans and develop WIFI6 hotspot map for antennas
  4. Upgrade headend, telco closets and cabling
  5. Install smart systems and antennas
  6. Configure and test.  
  7. Activate for tenants.

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