May 12, 2020

Putting Tenants First – 5G and WIFI6

A recent study by PwC across Canada encourages Canadian property leaders to put their tenants at the heart of re-imagined spaces.

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The challenge is implementation of Fiber Access Agreements. If property owners rely on cell carriers to provide the wireless systems they need for fast, indoor, secure, mobile access – tenants will lose choices. The cell providers will be scrambling to install wireless systems for indoor use.


Although service providers are selling 5G phones – they have no 5G spectrum yet to use. The CRTS spectrum auctions for slow 5G start in 2021. We expect fast 5G mm to take 5 years to deploy 5G in Canada. It involves billions and many Fiber Access Agreements to implement. Hauwai is a challenge for Bell and Telus. 5G outdoor antennas will be needed every 50 meters.

And 5G has a major limitation. Yes it is fast, but 5G signals are absorbed by walls and windows. Tenants that buy 5G phones will get 4G type speeds indoors for some time.

To provide the mass of mobile internet based services – driven by video – business leaders need to provide equally fast for tenant experience and expectations. Tenants spend 80% of the time indoors – at home and work.

The working technology for this is WIFI6. It has speed, compatibility with all devices, security, mobility, capacity and works indoors. WIFI6 provides capacity in 5G operations. 4G provides control channels for 5G.

Antenna Management Corp. works at the leading edge to implement and manage fiber based systems for residential and office buildings and creates a new shared revenue stream with owners.

As tenants trend to co-working, co-living, mobile flexible lifestyles – they will look to owners to provide optiosn to 5G and wireless internet. Fiber Access Agreements are the key.

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