What a good Safety Code 6 Certification looks like………

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Safety Code 6 certification peace of mind.


A proper Safety Code 6 certification needs to be done by a registered RF engineer, signed and sealed.  It should cover all carriers on site.  Descriptions of procedure, pictures of antenna panels, equipment used, signage and remedial actions are critical.  Without these it might be hard to prove your site is safe.

When ordering a Safety Code 6 certification be sure to include the appropriate instructions.  AMC can provide these tailored for your site.  Your carrier is required to provide safety certification as a continuing condition of its operating license.  Don’t accept unsigned, unsealed short form reports to protect yourself.  These likely won’t stand up to examination.

Here is a proper Safety Code 6 certification: sample-sc6-report-rogers

Be sure to get a new report each time the cell site has added more bandwidth or power.  The carrier with the last modification is usually the one responsible for the certification.  However if you don’t have an report for the initial installation of current installation – get one.  AMC monitors this for all our clients for no charge.  Ask us about it.

When it comes to RF Injury claims – the property owner bears the most responsibility.  WCB says an owner can be personally liable as well.

Protect yourself with a proper safety code 6 certification.  Neglecting this could be expensive.

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