21 Secrets of Cell Lease Negotiations

16 Secrets of Negotiations  

Many landlords are operating in the dark when it comes to cell lease negotiations.  This is done on purpose.  Landlords are used to comparing rents, audits, assessments and use of their properties.  Little of this is available for cell antenna sites.   Getting a handle on key data starts with a Rent Index.  Here are 16 secrets of negotiations. This is critical in comparing sites in any area by carrier.

Here are our hints for negotiations:

  1. Get the Rent Index  for your site
  2. Time is on your side
  3. Relocation costs hundreds of thousands
  4. FMV to a Carrier – low rate
  5. Standard contract – favorable terms for Carrier
  6. CPI means no rent increases for 20+ years (except inflation).
  7. Carriers add capacity but little compensation
  8. Antenna panels contain multiple antenna transponders
  9. Industry Canada licenses antenna transponders, not antenna “panels”
  10. Landlords is usually liable for hazardous substances on left on site
  11. Leases can end in 60 days
  12. Sites have phantom carriers especially Telus, Bell and Rogers
  13. Safety Code 6 reports are required by ISED
  14. Site injuries may be the Landlord’s liability
  15. Insurance waivers are rarely disclosed
  16. Landlord need information that is not normally provided

Get help with your cell lease negotiations.

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