Canada Rent Index Map – the Landlord’s Best Negotiation Tool

Looking for comparable cell lease rates in Canada as there is little public information on current cell antenna rates for ROgers, Telus & Bell.  Carriers use confidentiality clauses and legal notices to keep the sharing of this information to a minumum.  This makes it difficut to negotiate renewals and new leases at any time.  Carriers Read more about Canada Rent Index Map – the Landlord’s Best Negotiation Tool[…]

Rent Index Map for Canada Cell Sites

Antenna Management Corp. is proud to announce a Rent Index map for Canada cell sites.  Owners with cell sites are frequently frustrated by the lack of information for rents paid on cell sites.  Landlords are used to rent comparisons on most other types of properties – office, residential, retail etc. because they are readily available. Read more about Rent Index Map for Canada Cell Sites[…]

More Antenna Revenue?

Interested in more antenna revenue? Cell data growth is exploding.  According to CISCO Canada can expect annual growth of 42% to 2020.  Carriers are scrambling to install more capacity. and sites. The providers such as: Rogers, Telus, Bell, Freedom and Eastlink are investing substantial time and money to expand. The providers look for certain factors Read more about More Antenna Revenue?[…]