What a good Safety Code 6 Certification looks like………

  A proper Safety Code 6 certification needs to be done by a registered RF engineer, signed and sealed.  It should cover all carriers on site.  Descriptions of procedure, pictures of antenna panels, equipment used, signage and remedial actions are critical.  Without these it might be hard to prove your site is safe. When ordering Read more about What a good Safety Code 6 Certification looks like………[…]

Canadian Property Management Publishes on RF Injury Claims

  The national publication Canadian Property Management has published an article in its safety issue by the Vancouver based President of Antenna Management Corp. and Edmonton AMC associate Ryan Wagner on the growing risks of RF Injury litigation.  Publication readers include most commercial property owners and managers across Canada.  Each time the capacity of cell Read more about Canadian Property Management Publishes on RF Injury Claims[…]

Antenna Considerations

Antenna Rent Comparables The Rent Index is critical. Fair rents depend primarily on the knowledge of property owners.      Does your Property Insurance Cover Your Antenna Site?? Cell sites can create an insurance challenge. Do you have waivers? Antennas attract lightning – covered ?  RF injury?  Read more… Cell Antenna Lease Buyouts in Canada Read more about Antenna Considerations[…]

Panel Gallery

Click on image to view full size. Cellular Panel Gallery – Not Antennas Think of peas in pods. Cell panels (pods) come in a variety of shapes and sizes.   Panels are not antennas but are often referred to that way by carriers.  Panels can contain many antenna transponders (peas) – each transponder is licensed Read more about Panel Gallery[…]

Cell Antenna Market Rents in 2017

In the next 10 years the average cell site with 30 licensed antennas can gross $15 million to the cell carrier.  The Owner may only receive $150,000.   AMC understands that cell site leases are not property owner’s primary business and information is hard to find on market rents. Property Owners are frequently asked to: Read more about Cell Antenna Market Rents in 2017[…]