December 20, 2016

Antenna Negotiations

       Rent Index Map

Rent Index Map for all Canada

Determine Target and Market Rents

How many licensed antennas on site?





          Rent Index?

How to Determine Market Rents

Rent Index?   Compares rents.

Fair rents depend primarily on the knowledge of property owners.




Negotiating with a Rent Index

Have you been approached ?  Do you know what you are signing?

Understand the benefits and liabilities?

Read more…


 Does your Property Insurance Cover Your Antenna Site??

Cell sites can create an insurance challenge. Do you have waivers?

Antennas attract lightning – covered ?  RF injury?  Read more…



Cell Antenna Lease Buyouts in Canada

Fair value?   Liabilities?  Property control?  Taxes?

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Antenna Panel Gallery

View a variety of cellular antennas.

right here…

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