Radio Frequency (RF) Insurance in Place?

Oct 28, 2021

RF insurance may run risk to property

Property owners with cell sites face a new challenge as RF insurance may run a risk to your property. Insurance companies are reducing or eliminating their coverage from their policies. Blanket policies for carriers may no longer pay for liabilities or defend lawsuits based on RF injury.

Building policies may not cover RF-related actions. Cell carriers may limit their site liability to their policies and property owners may lose their coverage without knowing. The insurance industry is concerned that future health lawsuits based on RF exposure – especially to rooftop workers – will become the next “asbestos type” lawsuit issue.

Owners may be responsible for RF safety on their own property. Workers Compensation Board rules can make property owners personally liable. A plaintiff won a case regarding his health due to RF exposure – a case that involved many expert witnesses and spanned a number of years. Some property owners indemnify carriers on their property, leaving them open to legal costs. If the owner’s property insurance has RF waivers, things can get expensive on a class action RF claim.

AMC reviews both property owner and insurance coverage annually.

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