Fair Rent Comparables

Oct 13, 2021

Q: How many antennas behind that grey wall?

A: 48

Fair rent comparables depends on what you know.

What is your Rent Index?

Cell carriers negotiate thousands of licenses every single year. On the other hand, landlords negotiate once every 20. This brings about the question: are you getting fair rents every year? It’s simple. Better knowledge equates better rents. Sites can earn over $1,000,000 per year. The rents you are offered may not reflect the value of your property. Welcome to the wild world of cell antenna leases!

Landlords are now discovering the Rent Index and Antenna Management Corporation is providing them with the most current, up-to-date information. We believe fair rent is driven by revenues generated from the site and we target 1% – 2% of the revenue annually.

If your property has been chosen for a site, it is for good reason. Properties must be well-situated and near people at home, work or who travel.

Cisco estimates 42% growth to 2020. One video uses 1,300 times as much data as a phone call.

AMC monitors licensed transponders for landlords. These rents should mirror transponder capacity and revenue.

Guess the Rent Index?

Hint: this site has 57+ antennas and 3+ carriers.

Contact us for your Rent Index.

Landlords deserve fair rents.